ImagePrasetia Collection was established in 1993. It is active in the field of supplying uniform. The establishment of Prasetia Collection is caused by many requests of supplying uniform, especially for hotel and it is only a few suppliers of supplying uniform in bali.
Prasetia Collection has a superiority in supplying uniform with a special design, in which the special design is in accordance with concept or image of each hotel, it is started by designing the motif which sometimes inserting the logo in it, and until designing the style of the clothes. Prasetia Collection has some fashion designers in designing motifs as well as they are able to produce it themselves in material so that the motif of those special design materials can not be found or used in other places. With a competitive and negotiable price, prasetia collection is also guarantee the quality of its design and product.
"We separating the measurement and the process of cutting materials for men and women, so that it gives more guarantee for the final result of its products"
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